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What to Do if You Need Help With Your Calculus Homework

July 5, 2016 • admin

Calculus can be a very challenging topic. Often students struggle through it, never really comprehending why they are making mistakes or even why certain answers of there are right, even. The best thing to do when you see you are going to have challenges in a class is to get help early on and put extra effort in to learning the very core concepts of calculus. Like all topics, calculus builds upon the early lessons from day one to day 150, and you’ll need to understand every aspect of the course from day one.

Get a Calculus Tutor Day One

Getting a tutor to meet with you once or twice a week before your course really begins can help you to master your subject matter. You can use a tutor one on one in your home, on campus/at school, or online via software such as Skype. What you want to look for is someone who is a math major, possibly a doctoral student at a local university. Pick someone who specializes in tutoring calculus students and who has references you can check. Reading about your prospective tutor online, checking their reviews and calling (or emailing) any references for information about your tutor is highly recommended today.

Watch Great YouTube Lectures From Day One On

There are all kinds of great YouTube videos put together by calculus instructors who simply adore calculus and want to share their love for learning this subject with you. Try to find a video that is one in part of a long series, that will take you through the concepts of calculus in the same order most classes progress, so that you can use these videos as supplementary material to the course, helping you to really understand the course, not just move through the motions.

Visit the Math Lab for One on One Help

The math lab at your local school will be full of math geeks who can help you with classes from calculus to trigonometry to geometry. These students, who have probably already made As in all their math classes, can help you figure out the answers to problems you cannot solve on your own and, if you ask them, can explain the understanding behind the problem that is preventing you from solving the problem on your own. This is what you seek. Gaining a real insight into the problems that stymie you will help you solve future problems all by yourself.

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